Since 2001 Tsunami Panhandle offers the seas' freshest bounty paired with one of the largest, most sophisticated Shochu & Sake selections found on the West Coast. The bar also offers an array of cocktails and high-end Japanese spirits.

You might think sake is Japan's alcohol drink of choice, but it is actually Shochu. Tsunami Panhandle opened in the year 2001 & houses San Francisco's first Shochu bar with over 100 expressions. Tsunami's Shochu & large Sake list compliments the venues famous Oysterette Happy Hour offering a dozen complimentary Oysters with any bottle purchase. In addition Tsunami Panhandle is proud to offer the seas freshest bounty with daily deliveries of fish from Japan's famed Tsukiji market.

Dinner here is a party that is fun, hip with loungy music … join us!